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Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb

Obsession in Death - J.D. Robb

There is someone in New York, killing for their friend, the other half of them, Lieutenant Eve Dallas. First was a bitchy defense attorney, next it was a funky-junky snitch...Their major sin was showing disrespect for Eve, at least according to the messages the killer left for her at the crime scenes.

Eve and the rest of the crew know it's just a matter of time before the admirer turns onto the object of their obsession, but Eve hopes that turn comes soon—she'd just love to meet her biggest admirer.

Just when I started to despair that this series might've lost its edge, this book slammed me right back into fangirl zone.

The suspense was through the roof in this one, the sense of urgency palpable and almost stifling, and the waiting game as to who might come next and when the switch from admirer to enemy might occur excruciating. Sure, the pacing had its weaker moments, but once it picked up for the last time, it was non-stop, breakneck hurtling toward the finishing line.
And because of that sense of urgency and, let's face it, all-around danger, the "personal" aspects of the story shone even more. The characters, the relationships, the family the connections, the conversations and confessions...And in the middle of it all, Eve and Roarke with their ever-strengthening bond, the protectiveness of what they share, provided loads of quotable material.

Roarke bulled his way through Central as he'd bulled his way through downtown traffic, carving away the distance to Eve with single-minded focus.

He didn't think his heart had beat since Eve's face blinked off his 'link screen.

Tingles and shivers up and down my spine, and with that final showdown at Eve's "house", the urgency, the danger, the suspense...It was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It's fiction, and it's a series, so you know everything would work out, but there were a few moments in that last chapter that made me think it was touch-and-go. This is what good writing brings to the table.
I didn't even notice the formula or cared about the template, I just wanted to learn who the killer was and wanted everybody safe and sound at the end of it.

God, I loved this one.