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Thankless in Death by J.D. Robb

Thankless in Death - J.D. Robb

While his mother is making him a sandwich, and presenting the ultimatum she and his father have devised to actually make their son act like an adult, Jerry Reihnold grabs a kitchen knife, slaughters her, and eats his sandwich. When his father comes home hours later, Jerry bashes his head in with a bat, transfers their money to his account, and takes anything possibly valuable from the apartment.

The double homicide has left Lieutenant Eve Dallas at a conundrum. She knows who the killer is, she's pretty sure about the motive...The problem is, her killer is a lucky SOB, catching all sort of breaks eluding the police. But Eve knows she has to catch him quickly, because it looks like Jerry has taken a liking to killing, since it looks like to be the only thing he's good at.

I really liked this one. Can't put my finger on exactly why, everything just somehow clicked together. I liked the glimpses into the killer; the switch at the first kill, the reasoning, the list, the lucky breaks, the grudges, the whining, the idiocy...And I liked the investigation, the process of how they tracked him down.

Then there were the "personal" aspects that I love so much in this series; the relationships, the interactions, the friendships, the romance and love.
The family was once again in town from Ireland, there were cameos from characters in previous novels, Eve was asked what she should've been asked long ago if it weren't for her relationship with Roarke, and they both got what they deserved, beside recognition and acceptance.

Loved it.