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Visions in Death by J.D. Robb

Visions in Death - J.D. Robb

Before she can change into her "work clothes" after an evening out with her husband, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called to a crime scene in Central Park. There's a body under the Belvedere Castle. A woman's body, naked, bruised, raped, with a red ribbon tied snugly around her neck, her hands clasped between her breasts as in prayer...and her eyes missing.

Going against her inner cop, Eve reluctantly accepts the help of a psychic, a friend of Dr. Louise Dimatto, claiming to have visions of the murders. But no matter those visions, no matter the proof of her ability, another woman if found murdered in yet another city park. And Eve knows the visions cannot bring the killing bastard to justice, only hard police work can.

Yet another solid mystery with an appropriately crazy killer; although after the first (justified, maybe) murder, the motive got very blurry with the killer punishing the same woman again and again. It was a stretch, really, but I guess we cannot apply logic to the insane mind. It was gory, it was chilling, it was frightening, and a little sickening in the end, in that desolate, isolated field.
And when you think it's all over, it's done, the mystery is solved, there's another chapter waiting, with a second whammy; which was, unfortunately, obvious almost from the start, thanks to the title of the book, but most definitely from the middle where my gut tingled as well as Eve's at the connection.

On the "personal" front, there was surprisingly no drama. Eve and Roarke got along without a single marital spat or misstep, McNab finally learned the truth about Peabody's relationship with Charles Monroe, the LC, there was a lovely little couple scene at the dinner among friends, Mavis's bun in the oven is baking nicely, there was a nightmare thrown into the mix (we don't want our characters to get too complacent), and Eve and Peabody's partnership/friendship moved to yet another level with Eve finally coming clean about what happened to her in Dallas.
But since everything simply cannot be nice and rosy, somebody has to get hurt, and this time it was Peabody's turn. Poor girl. But we got quite a load of a suffering Ian McNab and his bonding with Roarke over fear of losing someone you love out of it.