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Divided in Death by J.D. Robb

Divided in Death - J.D. Robb

Roarke's admin, Caro, calls him in the middle of the night, begging for his, and Eve's, help. Her daughter, and one of Roarke's techno experts, is sitting in the middle of a double homicide; the victims are her husband and her best friend, naked and butchered in bed together.

It looks like a simple murder of passion, but the scene is too perfect; the only thing missing is a nice little red bow...And Eve's gut is screaming set-up. But who would want to kill an artist and his mistress and frame an innocent woman...And why?

This book had a great mystery and ever greater personal drama.

On one hand, you have corpses piling up, industrial espionage, cyber-terrorists, a computer virus, and a shady government agency throwing wrenched into the wheels of the investigation...And on the other you have the big marital spat between Eve and Roarke involving some new information about her past, and the shady government agency passive involvement in what happened to her, and Roarke's rage-filled quest for revenge on his beloved behalf that puts them at odds for most of the book.

No marriage is perfect and Robb does a wonderful job in portraying this particular marriage as being as far from a stroll in a meadow as possible. Roarke and Eve almost always stand on different sides of a line, but usually there's some middle, common ground for them to meet on. This particular case, this particular mission, put them at such odds, it was hard seeing how they could ever see eye to eye, when they actually refused to communicate or barely could share a space...In the end, it came down to love. The simplest, purest of solutions.

The mystery, the hunt, the big question mark was well-written and well-paced (although the fog on the true identity of the killer started lifting a little early for me), the industrial espionage being nothing but cover for the baddies to get rich was interesting and entertaining, but the drama in the personal life of my favorite fictional couple was what propelled the whole story forward.
It had it all, drama, angst, fear of the future, pathos, tearjerker moments, and the incredible, beautiful romance underneath.
I loved how the final solution, for them both, was so utterly simple. They just needed to see each other, and to love each other.

A good mystery and a wonderfully bittersweet romance. What more can you want?