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Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts

Hot Rocks - Nora Roberts

An old man comes into Laine Tavish's store out of the storm, acting like he knows her, begging her to call him. When he leaves, he's run down by a car and as he lies dying in Laine's arms, he sings a portion of a song...The song her father used to sing when they were forced to leave suddenly when she was a child...

A pretty disappointed addition to the NR opus. The story was all over the place with scenes following one another too quickly, everything felt hasty and rushed, alongside the romance whose only saving grace was the banter.

The story could've used a few more pages to flesh-out the necessary details while leaving the redundant ones out and the romance could've also used a lot more time, instead of going from "nice to meet you" to "let's get married and have three kids" in the span of two days.