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Purity in Death by J.D. Robb

Purity in Death (In Death #15) - J.D. Robb

Someone is killing the dregs of society by remote. The shadowy group calling themselves the Purity Seekers has appointed itself judge, jury and executioner for crimes committed against children...But when an innocent bystander, a cop doing his job trying to find the computer virus that is suddenly infecting people, is caught in the crosshairs, Lieutenant Eve Dallas merely gains one more incentive to run down the terrorists and make them pay.

A good, fast-paced, gripping story with an extra layer of social commentary and mirror with the issue of vigilantism and people taking matters into their own hands for what they see a just goal and failures in the system that's supposed to protect us all, especially those of us that are the most defenseless.
The fact Eve and Roarke were somehow on the opposite sides of an invisible line could be seen as a metaphor for the everyday man battling between his/her reason and his/her heart, although I did find Eve's inability to see the world beyond the black and white rather tedious and tiring...Until the blinders were finally knocked off her and she was the one who had to make a choice in that elusive gray area for the greater good. Sometimes she can be really annoying.

Thanks to the mystery and suspense, and some slightly gory scenes, this book had little time for romance. Eve and Roarke were being Eve and Roarke (the guy should be made a saint for his patience with the woman), but there was quite a progress on the Peabody/McNab front with the guy going all martyr and the girl not having it. It was lovely seeing the development and molding of yet another steady couple-unit.