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The Fellowship of the Frog by Edgar Wallace

The Fellowship of the Frog - Edgar  Wallace

Only after an undercover Scotland Yard man is murdered by the criminal mastermind known as the Frog, do the Prosecutor's Office and Scotland Yard really start investigating the criminal hiding his identity behind a rubber mask and his "fellowship" comprising of "tramps" identifiable by a lopsided tattoo of a frog on their left wrist...

This was an interesting mystery with many twists and curve-balls and as many suspects and misdirections. The pacing was a tad slow at times, creating some unnecessarily dull moments, and the true identity of the villain was rather predictable despite the author throwing in multiple suspects and multiple possible motives into the mix.

What bothered me, and reduced the rating, was the last couple of chapters, when the main motive of the villain ended up being a woman and his determination to force her to marry him, and the rather comical effect of the race-to-the-prison chapter.
Unnecessary, if you ask me, making the Frog slightly omnipotent and omniscient, while at the same time diminishing his "genius" and reach when it turned out, he just wanted the girl...A girl who seemed nothing more than a trinket to be fought over.