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Irish Thoroughbred by Nora Roberts

Irish Thoroughbred (Irish Hearts) - Nora Roberts

Having been forced to sell her farm after her aunt's death, Adelia Cunnane has nowhere to go, but to live with her uncle in America. There, she starts working at one of the finest horse ranches in the States, and falls in love with the owner...

A cute little story, that would've worked better if it were much shorter. Adelia's true feelings for Travis Grant were "revealed" too quickly, and though the reader never gets any glimpses into Travis's mind and/or feelings, so were his.

So after a few cute chapters of these two adorably trying to pretend they're just friends, and him picking on her merely to get her to spit fire, and then kiss her senseless, the story quickly lost its pace. And its charm with it. The "big conflict" was a mere trope, as was the twist that brought the two to said "conflict".

Also, I didn't care for the fact Adelia came through as if she's come from the past or some backwater cave in the middle of nowhere. We're talking about the eighties, here, not middle ages. Naive I could stomach, but looking at everything around her (planes, cars, household appliances, for Christ's sake) as if she's barely invented the wheel was a bit too much.