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11 by Kylie Brant

11 - Kylie Brant

Mia Deleon had spent three torturous years in the hands of a sadistic sexual predator before managing to escape. Yet she's never been able to really enjoy her freedom. Her kidnapper and torturer has never been found because no one had really believed she'd been taken, and even after she left the country her backpack packed with multiple assumed names, she's kept looking over her shoulder, expecting the monster to find her any day.

Until he did...

But Jude Bishop, the man who helped her disappear five years before, got to her first. A tenuous link to her case has been found by the Mindhunters and Jude has been tasked with bringing her back to the States.

But the monster is also on her tail, determined to bring her back, and keep her forever this time.

An interesting, intense and rather gripping (at times) thriller that could've easily done without the poor attempt at romance.

The story was engaging, the pacing appropriately fast, and the characters interesting (although the heroine did make a few strange/bad decisions along the way). Well-written and well-structured, although I couldn't help but think there were pieces of the story missing.
Why did the monster do what he did? How and why did he start? How did he choose his collection? What was his motive?...All these and more questions about the villain (the ending seemed rushed and a tad too easy, BTW) remained unanswered, making the main story arc appear rather hole-y.