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Less of a Stranger by Nora Roberts

Less of a Stranger - Nora Roberts

Megan Miller has been helping her grandfather run his amusement park for years, and she's not about to let David Katcherton, no matter how infuriatingly handsome he is, wiggle into their family and buy their park.

But Katch intends to do just that. But beside the park, there's something else he's determine to end up with—Megan.

It was short, cute, sweet, and incredibly tame (Megan and Katch never got beyond second base), which was equally strange and refreshing.
The heroine was rather annoying with her jumping to conclusion about everything and everybody, and her peculiar attitude about not leaving (despite what her grandfather kept telling her), and because the story was written from her point of view (not counting the few paragraphs in the first chapter), I didn't get to really know the hero and he mostly came off as aloof. Which made the final romance rather difficult to grasp.

Still, it was well written and just short enough for me to not lose interest despite its flaws.