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A Matter of Choice by Nora Roberts

A Matter of Choice - Nora Roberts

This book was first published in 1984 and it certainly shows. Not because of the subject matter, but the voice and narrative style sound dated even for a Silhouette.

The suspense was good with the mystery of just who in Jessica's closer circle was the baddie, while the identity of the main villain, the one pulling the strings, didn't even matter that much in the end.

But once you move away from the mystery, there's not much else there. The heroine seemed like a flake, the hero was an ass, their "romance" was rather forced and rushed, and their passion was a tad too rough to make the romance believable.
In the end they were more like strangers talking about being in love.

The pacing was slow, the voice rather weird...It didn't "sound" like a Nora Roberts book at all.