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When Tony Met Adam by Suzanne Brockmann

When Tony Met Adam (Short Story) - Suzanne Brockmann

Short and sweet, but it would've been sweeter if one of the Hs wasn't Adam "The Bastard" Wyndham or if the whole "courtship" was longer and not as rushed as it turned out to be.

I (still) don't like Adam—the story about his mother's reaction to him coming out didn't particularly endear him to me, although I guess that was SB intention—and I don't believe he deserves Tony. And I believe Tony deserves more than what he got with Adam (judging from their first night and subsequent morning together).
I bought the love-at-first-sight deal on Tony's part, I simply didn't buy the fact Adam can love or understand just what love (real love) means.

That issue aside, it was great seeing the understanding and camaraderie among the seals (bros before gender-neutral hoes), Sam phoned (it) in (twice), and Tracy has finally learned how to answer the phone. ;)

As I said, short and (could've been) sweet(er).