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Flashpoint by Suzanne Brockmann

Flashpoint - Suzanne Brockmann

Kazbekistan has been hit by an earthquake and the powers that be of the country are finally letting in the West in the form of relief workers. A perfect cover for a small team of the newly founded Troubleshooters Inc. to get in and get out with a precious cargo in the form of a terrorist's laptop. But this is far from an easy mission...

The suspense/action was great, and there were no flashbacks (except for a scene or two describing what happened between Nash and Tess two months ago)...But those were the only things that actually worked in the story's favor.

The characters were the major problem working against it. Tess was rather bland (and sometimes really annoying), Nash remained a mystery even at story's end, Decker was "meh" at best, and Sophia would've worked better as a villain (at least she'd have something to do). The romance was nonexistent, and utterly unbelievable at the end...

A very disappointing start of the "civilian" arc of the Troubleshooters.