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Vows of Silence by Debra Webb

Vows Of Silence (Signature Select) - Debra Webb


Every single character acted like an idiot...If you don't want people to suspect, don't act like you have something to hide. Simple. If you want to know who of your friends (BTW, with such friends, who needs enemies?) killed the guy, ask, don't just assume, and do find out who did it, before you go stupid and dispose of the body. And if a sexy cop, who you know has been crushing on you since high-school, offers his help, take it.
But no, let's all act like idiots, let's suspect each other, which will only get us killed one by one.

I have no idea how I made it through this mess of a story. The only redeeming quality was the suspense, and even that one was ruined by the end of it with the killer not actually being the killer, and the real killer not actually meaning to kill.

It was all over the place. And I hated it.