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Witness Seduction by Elle Kennedy

Witness Seduction - Elle Kennedy

Marley Kincaid is done with men after her fiancé of five months turned out to be a murderous drug dealer. Now she’s semi-hiding in her house, under suspicion of the police, and under surveillance by the DEA.

The one doing the surveilling Marley is utterly unaware about, is Caleb Ford. And after a week of watching the sexy nurse doing yoga, he’s a little hot and bothered. Then, he has no choice but show himself, under false pretenses, of course, and things go a little out of control.

All that stands in the way of their happiness is Marley’s obsessive ex...And the pesky tidbit of Caleb’s true identity.

A short, sweet, and very hot read with a very rom-com premise and plot, two very likeable main characters, a conflict that doesn’t drag for too long, a nicely crazy villain, and very light (unfortunately) on suspense.

A great way to spend an hour or so.