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Cold Midnight by Joyce Lamb

Cold Midnight - Joyce Lamb

Ten years ago, two strangers broke her knee, her knees, and her life, prompting Kylie McKay to run across the country, leaving Chase Manning, the only man she’s ever loved, in her wake.

Now she’s back, determined to build a tennis center in her hometown, but someone doesn’t want her back in Florida. Someone’s been sabotaging the building site, and one of her contractors had unearthed a baseball bat eerily similar to the one used on her ten years ago. And to make matters worse, the Detective assigned to the case is none other than Chase Manning...

This could’ve been a great book. The pacing was spot-on, the writing excellent, the characters well-developed and nicely layered with realistic issues and depths, the suspense and mystery were intriguing, the villain an utter and welcome surprise, although the motive had much to be desired...

It could’ve been a great book if it weren’t for the heroine. She was too much of a bitch for too long for me to warm up to her in the later chapters. An emotional cripple without apparent reason (at least I didn’t glean one), she kept bottling up her feelings, pushing people away, and running at the first sign of trouble, because apparently it was easier. I didn’t get her reasoning, I couldn’t stand her, and I couldn’t stomach the way she treated the hero, Chase. A bitch through and through, again with no apparent reason but for the fact it was apparently easier. I kept hoping for someone to kill her and put us all out of our misery.
When the turn point finally came, it was too late, and too trope-ish with the near-death experience changing her outlook on things.

Yet another book where the heroine ruined everything.