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Deadly Ties by Jaycee Clark

Deadly Ties - Jaycee Clark

Yet another DNF in this series, which tells me, I'm done.

After the bust that was its predecessor, I actually rather liked the prologue and chapter one (with the hero "elbow deep" in blood, trying to reanimate his patient)...Then the heroine made her entrance and I realized I'm reading a repeat of the first book.

The prologue is always from the villain's POV, then boy meets girl, it's insta-hate (although deep down inside they both fancy each other), they bicker, they give each other puppy eyes, she's a redhead (like his mommy...hello, Oedipus complex)...And eventually fall in love because she's in danger and he helps save her.
A tired rinse and repeat from the prequel (about mommy and daddy) and the first book in the series (about the oldest brother and his harpy).

I don't know if it's the repetitiveness of it all, the voice or narrative style that simply doesn't pull me in, forget about keeping me engaged.

Bored now.