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Deadly Beginnings by Jaycee Clark

Deadly Beginnings - Jaycee Clark

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

As soon as he sees her, Jock Kinncaid knows she is the one he's going to marry. Pity, Kaitlyn O'Reilly is already engaged...

Kaitlyn "certainly not Katherine" O'Reilly is in over her head. She thought she found the perfect man, only for him to turn into a perfect nightmare. Dr. Landon Goldburg III dictates every aspect of her life—from what she'll wear to how she'll talk, who she'll talk to, and she's certain he's also sabotaged her ability to enter med school. A doctor's wife place is at home, he says.

When he hits her, she knows she has to end things. Unfortunately, her fiance won't accept her ring back. She's his, you know. And she'll learn.

I wished it was longer. As it was, the only thing that was "fully" developed was the romance, while the best part, the suspense with its crazy villain, took the back seat to the "love story" between Jock and Kaitlyn. Yes, the romance was cute and sweet, but also rather rushed (due to the length of the story, I suppose) and hence rather unbelievable (in the love department, there was no problem with the lust).
And I couldn't help but think Kaitlyn simply changed one overbearing man for another. Yes, Jock was sweet and he "asked" instead of "told", but he still wanted it all his way (no highway option) and although he made her think she actually had a choice, she never had one. He was her knight in shining armor, her hero...Of course she fell for him. He was kind, he was gentle, he never lifted a hand over her...Of course he was "different" from her abusive, crazy ex.

I don't know, I just didn't "feel" the love, and with that after taste of Jock being quite similar to Landon, minus the abuse and craziness, with added charm, I didn't "buy" it.