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Surrender to Sin by Nicola Davidson

Surrender to Sin - Nicola Davidson

Lady Grace Carrington is in quite a pickle. Her mourning for her late husband is almost over, but instead of enjoying widowhood, she’s about to be sold off in marriage to the highest bidder by her father. She has no intention of marrying Lord Baxter, an even more priggish and prudish man than her first husband, and her maid has the perfect plan. And it involves asking a favor of Sin a.k.a. Lord Sebastian St. John, owner of a third of London’s most notorious pleasure club, Fallen.

The favor—ruination.

I loved the premise...A woman prepared to do anything, and I mean anything, to get out of a forced engagement, a man with a heart of gooey marshmallow willing and able to help everyone in need, an “innocent” bargain that quickly develops into something more...

Unfortunately, although I loved the story, some of the narrative decisions boggled my mind. For one, how a lady of gentle birth that’s almost a virgin despite being married for four years goes from the basic knowledge of pain and quick groping in the dark with no orgasm to a dildo in the ass in the space of two chapters. Rushing much? I’m glad more chapters passed between the dildo episode and the exhibitive threesome. Notice the sarcasm.

Yes, I loved the story, but in this instance it could’ve benefited from a more substantial length. The way it was, the whole initiation of Grace into the world of passion and erotica seemed rushed, and quite unrealistic.
That is not to say that the story came across as PWP. Quite the opposite, one could say Grace’s whole erotic journey from shy “virgin” to a woman confident in her own sexuality was a parallel to the romance. It started off as (a strange kind of) friendship, and then grew and deepened through like, attraction, and admiration and blossomed into love just like Grace blossomed in her confidence and knowledge of self-worth and what she wanted.

Still, a lovely, well-written story with good pacing, and wonderful characters.