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Entrap by Elle Rush

Entrap: River City Heroes 2 - Elle Rush

Well, the first one wasn’t a fluke. It was the start of a pattern.

I’m sorry to say, this one did absolutely nothing for me. No interest in the romance, which yet again didn’t reach lukewarm temperatures, no interest in the two leads, who were complete blanks beside the fact he was an asshole and she was a vulture reporter willing to do pretty much anything for a scoop (the fact she drew the line at sleeping with a cop didn’t win her any brownie points)...Not the story that had even less suspense than its predecessor, if that’s possible and still involve a serial killer.

There was no urgency, no danger, no suspense, just a “romance” between a cop and a reporter that created unnecessary and pointless conflict in this story. Space that would’ve been better spent developing a more interesting and intricate suspense plot.