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Pursuit by Elle Rush

Pursuit: River City Heroes 1 - Elle Rush

Contrary to what the synopsis might lead you to believe, this isn’t a romantic suspense story. This is a romance with suspense elements so minute the author shouldn’t have bothered.

We’re thrown into the story fourteen months after the heroine and hero split because the hero wanted to protect her from one of his investigations without knowing that she was in the middle of it. Mind you, he had the intention of getting her back after the investigation was over, but she listened to him too thoroughly and moved on. She didn’t, of course, but only the reader is to know about that.

The rest of the story is all about Eric and Bree, their issues and baggage resulting from the implosion of their relationship, about Eric’s “struggles” to get her back (she succumbs readily and willingly, if I may be a little spoiler-ish), about her friend’s fight with cancer etc. The suspense angle, the serial killer terrorizing Winnipeg, was touched only briefly whenever it had any sort of impact on the “romance” and even the one and only scene the killer (I guess it was the killer) appeared was rushed, came seemingly out of the left field, and benefitted the romance.
A romance that left me cold. I didn’t know what drew her to him or vice versa, because I didn’t know them, since the author didn’t bother with much introduction or anything beside the fact they were affianced before he threw her to the curb to protect her (ooh, I know one thing—the hero was an idiot and a douche) and even after that she quickly took him back (ooh, two things that I know—the heroine was a doormat). There was zero chemistry—she had more chemistry with her sick friend, zero sparkage—more sparks flew when the biker was around, and zero interest on my part.

Lucky for me it was short, so it was over quickly. I’ll read the next one, because I have it on my Kindle…And maybe it’ll turn out this one was a fluke.