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Rival Forces by D.D. Ayres

Rival Forces - Steven D. Ayres

Twelve years ago she was his first love, but he left her behind. Now he’s back, as a favor to her brother, to help her in the quest of finding the man she loves…And keep her safe while in the process.

This was a great story with vivid, gripping, and intense action scenes, a well-depicted looming danger, two wonderful dogs, and a leading man out of every woman’s fantasy. Tall, dark, handsome, protective and with a wonderful sense of humor.

A great story that was ruined by the heroine. I hated the woman’s guts. Not only for the love triangle that was more of a line segment than a true triangle, but because of her character. The woman had so many issues and so much baggage, she was all over the place. Stubborn, selfish, and independent, then angry when her (physical) independence was put into question by her own actions. She bemoaned the fact nobody loved her, but she never let anybody close enough to try. And then she went and settled for the “stable” guy who actually proved to be more dangerous than the guy she burned the sheets with. The guy she dropped kicked into the nuts the minute the normal, steady doctor was back in the picture.

I hate it when people use this expression, but I will use it in this case. Bitch!

Some will say Kye brought it upon himself to have his heart broken (I wanted someone to drop kick her the morning after when she “put him in his place” and the normal guy appeared, and I wanted someone to bludgeon her with a tire iron after reading about the scene that made Kye disappear). And I call bullshit on that. Yes, he knew she was in love with someone else and he wouldn’t have touched her, she was the one that initiated the physical relationship. She was the one who patted him on the head and sent him on his way once she was satisfied. She was the one who toyed with his feelings, while making googly eyes at the doctor. She was the one who juggled both men, and of the three she was the only one who didn’t know what she felt or what she wanted.

And then it took her four (!) months to actually do something and even that happened only after getting a figurative (I wished it was a literal) kick from her brother. And then the story ended. There should’ve been more groveling on her part, if you ask me, but yet again, that “reunion” was all about her and her gratification.