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The Beast of Bath by Chasity Bowlin

The Beast of Bath: A Regency Fairytale - Chasity Bowlin

They meet on a night-shrouded street in Bath as he saves her from running from her stepfather who wants to sell her to a brothel. She'd rather have a choice who to give her body to, and she decides, since her virtue is the only thing to her name she has, to give it to him as payment. But he won't settle merely on her virtue, proposing a bargain that would offer her utter protection and security, and his title an heir...Even if she'll leave him afterward.

This was a wonderful retelling of The Beauty and the Beast story. I loved Thessaly in all her gumption-filled, resilient, smart, and stubborn glory. Because she needed that stubbornness to chip away at her hero's defenses. Damn, the guy was thick, and I could even say shallow with all his thinking himself the beast because of what happened to him. But as Thessaly informed him upon their first meeting, beauty comes from within, and she slowly taught him that lesson throughout the story.

The villain was a nicely-added touch, much needed to create the breakthrough between the hero and heroine, but also to keep the story flowing nicely and add some mystery and intrigue.

Well-written, well-paced, with wonderful characters, and even better message.