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On His Watch by Katie Ruggle

On His Watch (Search and Rescue) - Katie Ruggle

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Four years ago, he let her go for her own good. Now, as they work together to find two missing girls, they both realize their feelings for one another are far from gone.

I don't really know what I expected from this new-to-me author and this new-to-me series, but I guess it was more than I got in this short story.

It was slow, mostly bogged down by the unresolved issues from the MCs past relationship, the characters weren't that interesting (him with a martyr complex and her with a slightly codependent mentality), for two people who were supposed to be searching for two missing little girls they were quick with going all grope-y and moan-y with each other on a derelict shack floor, and the one promising thing (the discovery of a possible arsonist hideout) amounted to nothing.

I guess I'll have to read the next book in the series, then.