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Cutlass by Ellis Leigh

Cutlass: Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides #1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) - Ellis Leigh

Earth is the new addition to the Intergalactic Dating Agency's list. The planet it apparently filled with single women waiting for that special guy, that Mr Right. Women who apparently aren't that picky about Mr Right not being human. So the powers that be at the IGDA are starting to accept applications of aliens of male sex from around the universe to be matched with human women.

Cutlass or whatever the hell his true (long) name is, is the first, and he's matched with Chloe who managed to beat "the rush", since female applications have also started pouring in. They have two weeks to make it work, and then it's mate or bust.

I simply adored this story. Adored it to bits. The MCs were wonderful, and funny (especially with the whole culture and language barrier thingy), Cutlass was just perfect (oh, my), Chloe and her inner monologues quirky as heck, the story was super cute, and super hot (oh, my), and the length spot on.

Loved it and looking forward to more.