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The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan

The Heiress Effect - Courtney Milan

A loud, slightly rude heiress with a penchant for lace and bold colors, and a quiet, reserved illegitimate son of a duke with his eye on the Parliament...These two opposites meet, and attract, but life isn't a fairytale, love even less so. She vows not to marry, he knows she's the last woman he would offer marriage to. They're unsuitable to each other, so why can't they stay away?

Another lovely addition to this series with a great cast and story, with the political views and struggles of the day wonderfully woven in, great pacing, and a lovely side romance.

I must say, I preferred the side romance to the main one, mostly because I couldn't stand the hero. I absolutely adored Jane in all her lacy, colorful, loud glory, while Oliver was a complete ass. Sure, he was kind, and chivalrous, and good looking, but an ass. Where was the dowager Duchess of Clermont and her umbrella to smack him over the head? Repeatedly. Sheesh. He came to his senses in the end, realized what an ass he was, but it was a little too late for me. Jane was definitely a better person, I would not have taken him back. He didn't deserve her.

Still, a lovely story. With an ass of a hero, but a lovely story nevertheless. I loved the supporting cast (even Aunt Freddy, bless her soul), the political "unrest" brewing on the sidelines, and am looking forward to Sebastian's story. I wonder how he'll get back onto his feet.