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Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

Wild Invitation - Nalini Singh

Beat of Temptation was a sucker punch to the gut, really.

After spending more than ten books reading about Tammy and Nate, their happiness, their love, and their cubs, it was a real surprise (and not in a good way) that Nate was such an ass to her at the beginning of their love story.
I'm glad he'd succeeded in driving her away, so his decision of keeping her at arm's length came back to bite him in the ass, but I firmly believe there was too little grovelling from the idiot male before everything worked out in the end.

Yes, I understood he had issues, but that didn't give him the right to make his mate cry. It didn't give him the right to be a jackass.

It was a lovely, teary story, and I'm glad Tammy got her HEA, but their story ruined Nate for me.

In Stroke of Enticement we meet Annie, who was rescued from the wreckage of a bullet train by a certain dual Cardinal when she was a little girl. She's a teacher and when one of her students gets in trouble for fighting (for a noble cause, might I say), and won't talk to anyone but his "Uncle Zach", Annie has no other option but to contact "Uncle Zach", and gets quite a lot more than she bargained for in the process.

This was the story that pulled me into the Psy/Changeling world back in the day and I'll always be thankful for it, since the series, despite some bumps, has yet to let me down. It was also lovely re-reading Annie and Zach's story after seeing them again in Allegiance of Honor. They were such a cute couple; Annie with her reservations about love stemming from watching her mother waiting for a man that didn't love her as much as she loved him, and Zach with his charming, teasing, funny personality that got under her skin despite everything.

Cute, sweet, and sexy.

Declaration of Courtship was another little gem, featuring a highly dominant lieutenant and his complete opposite in strength, shy and submissive Grace.

Cooper knew from the get-go she was it, but also knew it would take time for her to trust him. And lo and behold, he actually took his time. Their courtship was both sweet and sexy, and, when Coop pulled his head out of his ass, they actually talked...and he her him take care of him, which is quite a concession from an idiot male.

Lovely, cute, sweet, and sexy.

Texture of Intimacy was the weakest link of this collection, but that's on me, because I'm simply not interested in Lara and Walker. They had their moment in Kiss of Snow, and that's it for me. Sorry.

I wouldn't mind seeing Spence's photo of the column of flame, though. ;)