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Wild Embrace (anthology) by Nalini Singh

— feeling big smile
Wild Embrace: A Psy-Changeling (A Psy/Changeling Novel) - Nalini Singh

In Echo of Silence we meet Stefan, the honorary Arrow Tk stationed on the deep sea station Alaris and the human woman that's captured his heart, their bond creating one of the safe zones explored in Allegiance of Honor.

Their story was sweet and cute, with a little sadness thrown into the mix. It's always nice reading about the characters barely touched on in previous books, and although Tazia's reservations due to her upbringing made her look a little too naive and innocent, I didn't mind, because Stefan was just as naive and innocent in certain aspects, so their characters complimented each other perfectly.

A truly lovely story.

Dorian shows us snippets of Dorian's life from his childhood, when Lucas's Alpha father instilled an important lesson, through a scene when he was a teenager, to the hours after his first shift, and a furry hunt through the forest.

I loved the scenes with Dorian and his friends, Lucas and the other sentinels. They showed their friendship, their bond, and the respect they hold for one another. The playfulness and joy at welcoming the other side of their friend was utterly sweet.

Partners in Persuasion was utterly adorable. It was lovely reading about an "unusual" pairing of a submissive male with a dominant female, especially when they were so unbelievably cute together. Felix was such a sweet cutie pie, and Dezi, despite being more dominant, was so adorkable sometimes, that they were a perfect match.

Also, there was humor. I laughed like a lunatic reading that scene in the restaurant bar. I could picture it as if it was a movie, and it was hilarious...And the one with the petals...Aw, sweet.

Loved it.

Flirtation of Fate simply puts the cherry on the cake to this collection.

Yes, it was predictable—Kenji's reason for staying away evident from the beginning, and the "murder motive" beyond transparent—but the romance stole the show. A second chance romance without the first chance having happened, with a sexy martyr of a hero, that wanted what was best for his heroine, without knowing what was really best for her, and a strong, stubborn heroine who needed seven years to think straight where the hero was concerned, but she saw the light and put that stubborn determination to good use.

I loved these two together, the story was sweet, sexy, funny, and a little sad. Just the right mix.