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'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick

'Til Death Do Us Part - Amanda Quick

Someone is stalking Calista Langley, leaving her memento moris, trinkets for people in deepest mourning, engraved with her initials. The second trinket was on her bed, so needless to say the woman's nerves aren't truly steel-like. Ad to that her client's brother who thinks Calista is trying to set his sister with a fortune hunter, and Calista isn't having a good week.

I'll be the first to admit I love Amanda Quick's novels of intrigue, mystery, and romance in Victorian England, but this one left me utterly "cold".

The romance fell flat with barely a smidgen of heat and passion, the characters were rather uninteresting, and the mystery, while promising at the start, soon lost its appeal. The pacing also left much to be desired; it looked like there wasn't enough plot to fill an entire book, so there were a lot of filler chapters where the pace severely suffered.

I'm sorry to say, the story was rather unappealing, and unlike with the previous works by this author, I kept getting distracted while reading. I simply didn't grab or hold my attention. Pity.