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Claiming His Chance by Ellis Leigh

Claiming His Chance (Feral Breed Followings) - Ellis Leigh

Cahill, having been tracking a missing Omega with his Alpha and his Beta for the past couple of months, hasn't been able to keep an eye on his pack, so he's hired mercenaries to do it. Now, with the Omega back and the pack finally somewhat restored, it's time to pay his debt. Only they don't want money, they want him to fight.

The Pack House is an underground fight club catering to the humans and their thirst for blood and gore. And because the spectators are human, shifters aren't allowed to shift, which is perfect for Piers and Trinity. They're only a few fights away from a whole lot of money, and pretending to be mates is serving its purpose. Unfortunately, Trin's true mate, Cahill, walks through the door one day, and pretense is over.

It's tough to follow a stellar act like the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series, and this story sure couldn't. It sure was cute and sweet (in places) and intense (in other places), but it was still firmly in the "meh" category.
I was rooting for Cahill and Trinity, trying to figure out how they'll make it our of that place, wondering what kind of secrets Piers and Trin held...It turned out to be quite a secret, but once again with tick-off-a-list-item vibe.
But I didn't care that much.

There was no anticipation of what will happen next, no nervous turning the pages...It was a good story, but that's pretty much it.