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Heart of a Lawman by Patricia Rosemoor

Heart of a Lawman (Sons of Silver Springs Book 1) - Patricia Rosemoor

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Bart comes back home to his father's ranch, weary of his father's motives, but that's not what keeps his thoughts occupied. That "privilege" us usurped by the beautiful, and very mysterious woman he meets while she tries to rescue a cat from an abandoned building.

Josie is a woman with no past. Well, a woman who cannot remember her past. Her life is a blank slate, but for the feeling of being in danger, of being hunted, and the short flashes of what she thinks are her memories. Nothing specific, but the fear of a man beating her. No wonder she's jittery.

Looking for a job in a ghost town throws her and Bart together, but their fragile relationship might not have a happy ending.

This used to be a Harlequin release back in the day and it shows. I didn't mind the slightly dated feel of the story, I minded everything else. The pacing was atrocious, the characters all over the place, the glimpses of the villain's point of view jarring, the suspense stilted...I didn't like anything about it, really. Just kept turning the pages, hoping the end was near.