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He's Irresistible by Susan Hatler, Veronica Blade, Virna DePaul

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He's Irresistible - Susan Hatler, Veronica Blade, Virna DePaul

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Love at First Date was so sweet I couldn't stop grinning afterward. Yes, I felt like an idiot, but I couldn't help it. I just loved it to bits. I loved Ellen with her anal-ness and rational thinking about relationships—you just knew her approach to finding Mr. Right was doomed to fail from the start. I liked her friend Rachel and their relationship was very well-portrayed and realistic, I loved the little cutie Chester, and, of course, I adored Henry, the green-eyed "warlock" that enchanted Ellen from their "first glance". I admit I thought he was an undercover cop or something (I'm a sucker for men in uniform), so his true profession came as a surprise, but a gorgeous one with that picture-perfect ending.

A cute, sweet, lovable story. I didn't even mind the length (short story/novella). It was just perfect.

From Fame to Shame, although I don't get the connection between the title and the story, was also a cutie patootie of a short story. Yes, I hated being reminded how young the characters really were, but otherwise you won't hear me complaining (despite the first person POV, which isn't exactly my favorite). The difference between the two sisters was nicely fleshed out, I also preferred the down-to-Earth Maddie to her twin, and Dallas Bines, the hot, hunky hero was absolutely dreamy. Where can I get one of those, but older?
The ending reminded me a little of a Barbara Cartland's Beauty or Brains, but it worked in the context of the story.

Again, just the perfect length so the characters are fleshed-out just right and the pacing doesn't slow turning the story boring. Loved it.

And Wild For Mr. Wrong completes this amazing anthology. Though not as sweet and cute as the first two stories, the heroine's issues prevented too much of that, and the final "twist" that ended the conflict between the two leads, gave the story a slightly darker tone, it was still a great story. The characters were well-rounded, the "issues" realistic, and the heat off the charts. While we barely got a kiss in the first story, and a couple of them in the second, Daniel and Bryn didn't stop at kissing, and while the tameness of the first two stories worked, so did the heat in this one.
It was "short notice" yes, but believable and worked in the context of the story (the resolution of the main conflict) and the characters and their portrayal as well. And also offered a "cherry on the cake" of the whole collection.

Short and sexy. Loved it.