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Again, Alabama by Susan Sands

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Again, Alabama - Susan  Sands

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Ten years ago, he broke her heart by cheating on her with her best friend, and then getting married to said "best" friend after fathering a child. She left her home town humiliated.

Now she's back, humiliation following in her wake thanks to a televised and much-publicized accident, to take care of her mother. Unfortunately, her siblings neglected to mention the cheating bastard are also back in town, renovating their family home. What is a girl to do when the man who broke her heart all those years ago just might be the one to put it back together?

This was a cute little story that started off as a 5-star romantic comedy, but unfortunately took the turn toward Dramaville half-way through losing much of its appeal... and pacing. What was once a breezy, funny and funky tale turned into angst and drama thanks to the hero's tween child (did she have to inherit her mother's traits) and all the issues and baggage between the two leads (if they truly loved each other so much back in the day as they professed nothing could keep them apart, lest of all a surprise child and the child's nutsy mother), slowing and bogging the whole thing down.
The extra side plot of the family matriarch embarking on a romance of her own didn't help much, since it brought unwanted and unwarranted breaks in the main plot (yes, the parallels between her story and that of her daughter didn't escape me, I just didn't care).

Overall, a nice story, but with too much "issues" to warrant a higher rating. Loved the beginning, though.