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Sinful Surrender by Elisabeth Naughton

Sinful Surrender (Aegis Security) - Elisabeth Naughton

His boss' sister is being stalked, so Brian Walker, being the closest to her vacation spot, is assigned to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately, Grace's friend convinces her to jump the sexy stranger's bones, and Brian soon finds it really hard to keep his hands off her.

The premise with the stalker was good, but everything else wasn't. The stalker was too predictable, Brian's pretense screamed trouble later in the story, both leads were one-dimensional, and the plot, beside the stalker (and that was minor), was nonexistent.

And since there was no plot, the "story" had to be filled with something to fill the pages. Why not make it sex. And since it was just filler, the sex read like PWP, there was no chemistry, no heat, nothing...The characters just went through with the moves.
This story had absolutely no "soul".