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The Liar by Nora Roberts

The Liar - Nora Roberts

When her husband dies, Shelby Foxworth learns the life she's been living for the past four years had been a lie, and the husband she thought she knew (and loved) had been a liar. So she decides to take her life back, take herself back, and leaves Philadelphia for her hometown with her three-year-old daughter in tow, and a mountain of debt on her shoulders.

She'll soon learn (again), there's no better cure than family, and no better hope than love. But sometimes things are not as they seem, and she'll quickly realize, her newly found freedom and independence might be the biggest lie of them all.

I know I'm repetitive, but you just can't beat Nora Roberts when it comes to writing gripping suspense, great, subtle romance, wonderful characters, and small-towns and their communities. Well, the only one who can beat her at her own game is Nora Roberts, because she keeps outdoing herself with each new book.

This was a great example of NR at her best. The pacing was great, the characters were lovely (I especially loved Callie, Griff, and Viola, Shelby's Granny), the romance was spot-on and nicely timed, the relationships between the characters were great (Griff with Callie, Viola with everybody, Shelby's family...), the humor was wonderful, the suspense intense and gripping...Everything was as it should be, and as I've come to expect from one of my favorite authors.
I had a theory about the Liar and I'm so glad I wasn't wrong. Maybe that makes the story a little predictable, but come on, you have to be blind to just take everything at face value. We're talking about a romantic suspense book, and a NR to boot, and the big clue was right there. The "predictability" didn't diminish my pleasure in reading it, it actually made me look forward to the big reveal, the showdown, and the happily-ever-after that always follows.

I knew I would love the book before I picked it up. I'm so happy when I'm right. ;)