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Garden of Lies by Amanda Quick

Garden of Lies - Amanda Quick

Well, what can someone say about an Amanda Quick novel besides the fact that is an Amanda Quick novel?

There's romance, suspense, intrigue, murder, drama, love, a tad of humor, lovely characters, the usual setting of London with its dangerous, winding streets drenched in fog...All mixed together in a tight, nicely-woven plot with a great pace.

There was not a false step along the way, although I must admit I'm growing a bit weary of AQ heroines that are all so stubborn and convinced they're the only one to be right. Luckily for me, Ursula wasn't so bad. At least she knew when she was out of her depths and let the expert do what the experts usually do. And Slater Roxton, in this case, certainly was an expert. In everything. *wink wink*

Loved it. And I wouldn't mind reading more adventures with Slater and Ursula at the helm.