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Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose

Did You Miss Me? - Karen Rose

Okay, this book was definitely better the second time around. (Who said stories cannot "improve" the more you read them?) While I found the "talking shop" part of the story (strategy, kidnapping, murder, etc.) rather boring on the first read, that wasn't the case as I re-read it. I guess it had been just a particular frame of mind that had prevented me from enjoying it two years ago.

All the rest was pretty much the same as the first time. I loved the romance between Daphne and Joseph. I've loved the two of them, since they've first appeared in this series, and my love for them has only grown in time (especially my love for Joseph ^_~). Their romance was edgy, angsty, sexy, smokin' hot or sweet and romantic (depending on the mood). It was great and I must say Karen Rose has really brought these two characters to life.

While the "shop" part has improved in time, I cannot say the same about the villain. I still think there was too much space dedicated to him. I know, the readers should know something more than the characters, but still, did we really need to know everything from the get-go? Where's the suspense? Where's the twist in the end?

Ooh, I remembered another thingy that was different. My appreciation for Clay and Stevie. Maybe it's the fact I've read their story (before embarking on my Karen Rose re-read-athon), and found it wasn't so bad. I still rolled my eyes at their final scene (the one in the hospital when Stevie sends Clay packing), but I still wouldn't mind re-reading their story (I just might, since I'm on a roll)...And then, of course, there's the second gem of this book (beside Daphne and Joseph's alone time—could Special Agent Carter be any more amazing?)—Deacon Novak. God, I'm getting giddy just thinking about reading his story. (It's the same giddiness I felt when I read David's book (both times).