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You Can't Hide by Karen Rose

You Can't Hide (Romantic Suspense,#5) - Karen Rose

This was by far the best book in this "series" so far. Masterfully done suspense, great buildup, and wonderfully twisted villain vied for attention alongside two wonderful lead characters. Neither side of the plot was dominant, they were nicely and masterfully intertwined, complementing each other, pushing the story forward at a nice, steady pace.

I loved both Tess and Aidan, there were so different, yet so similar, both with quite a lot of baggage, both in need of someone to talk to, someone to trust, someone to trust them, someone to love and someone to love them. And they found that perfect person in each other despite the initial animosity (mostly on Aidan’s part). Their romance and its progression was much more realistic than in the previous books, I somehow “felt” them more, empathized with them more, and though some reviewers were a little annoyed with the lack of I-love-yous at the end, I simply felt that was completely in character with both of them, with who they were. They knew the other knew and that was enough. Loved it.

And don’t get me started on the suspense. A voyeuristic killer who hated getting his hands dirty, so they drew Tess’s psych patients to kill themselves, getting a rush from seeing them dead and Tess discredited. Chilling. A killer who hated Tess without apparent reason, wanting to destroy her life at all costs. Thrilling. And the shock of learning said twisted, demented killer’s identity. I sure didn’t see that one coming and it made me think about what we really do know about people we meet. *shudder*

An A+ read and a definite keeper.