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Dirty Secrets by Karen Rose

Dirty Secrets - Karen Rose

I "met" Emma and Chris in Watch Your Back and when I discovered they had their own story, albeit a shorter one, I was on board immediately. Well...Hmmm.

Let me start by saying I quite enjoyed it. It was funny when it needed to be, it was intense when it needed to be, it was dramatic when it needed to be, it was suspenseful when it needed to be...It's just that, due to everything that was going on, it appeared even shorter than it was.

Let's start with the two, leads, shall we? Seventeen years ago, they went to highschool together. He wrote her a letter she never read (she never found it), and because she never read it, she broke his heart, and they went on their separate ways. Both got married; he had a daughter and got divorced three years ago, her husband died one year ago...And cleaning the attic in their old house, she finally found that letter, and decided to make amends.

Awwww, right? Cute, sweet, and lovely.

What happened next wasn't so cute, sweet, and lovely. I get it, he was in love with her seventeen years ago, I get it, he lusted after her seventeen years ago...But to be ready to jump her bones the minutes he lays eyes on her after seventeen freaking years as if nothing had happened in between (no marriage, no kid, no heartbreak...nothing), is stretching it. I'm all for romance and reunions of heart, but take a little time, damn it!
I fully comprehended the daughter, a teenager with "the world as we know it is gonna end now that my father is getting laid again" mentality, in her reaction. Well, not her full reaction, but the gist was rather spot on—it was too damn fast!

And then we get to the suspense part of the story. It was good, but too predictable. I knew who the killer was, almost from the start, and I knew how (the suspense part) would help mend things between Emma and Chris' daughter. It was all right there, glaringly obvious.

Reading the last two paragraphs you might get the impression I didn't really like the story, but I did. It wasn't the best, but it was far from the worst I've ever read, hence the middle-ground rating. But if it were longer and less predictable, I would've enjoyed it more.