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Nothing to Fear, by Karen Rose

Nothing To Fear (Romantic Suspense, #4) - Karen Rose

I'm really seeing a pattern when it comes to this series. For me it truly is touch and go—one good book, one not so good, then one good again.

This story fell into the second category, because I simply couldn't concentrate on everything that was going on. The separate investigations, actually separate storylines of Dana's trying to help and Ethan trying to find the same two people clashed too much for me to enjoy the plot, add to that the villain's "arc", and you get too much crammed into one book.

There was no spark between Ethan and Dana—throwing in another guy just to create the tension of a love-triangle was a bit too much, since it didn't actually have the effect of a "real" love-triangle. Dana wasn't actually shoocing between two men, she had no clue what poor David really felt for her (blind much?). The supporting cast seemed inserted into the story more as an afterthought, and only saturated everything further, and alienated me even more from Evie, who's become even more annoying since Don't Tell if that's at all possible. I hated her. I have no idea how I'll feel when I read her book, but this one sure didn't endear her to me.

The only good thing about this book was the suspense, and since it took over more than half of a book, this story received the rating it did. I love me a twisted killer. If only everything else was as good as the villain. Or if this part of the story meshed better with the other storylines. It felt like a separate entity at times.