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I'm Watching You by Karen Rose

I'm Watching You (book #3) - Karen Rose

Someone is offing sex offenders that walked free despite ASA Kristen Mayhew's efforts in court. The same someone sends Kristen letters after the fact, explaining why he did it, and offering decorating tips as well. But does Kristen know him? Is she the one who hired him? She says no and the police tend to believe her, but the killer's "friendly" behavior toward her has put her in the spotlight...

The third book by Ms. Rose I've read and, after the flop of the previous one, another winner. It was a slow read, but not due to the pace, but "heaviness" of the topic and theme.

Wonderful characters, with issues not as prominent as in Have You Seen Her?, so they didn't take over the story, but helped push it forward. Great suspense, with the villain once more taking center stage along the other characters, and, unlike the previous book, his identity was truly a surprise. Nicely done, Ms. Rose.

I felt Kristen's deepest secret—the one that has kept her from surrendering her heart to Abe Reagan, the police detective sworn to protect her took a bit too long to come out, (almost) everybody knew by then, ending up as anti-climatic as it could get.
Still, I loved the progression of the romance between Kristen and Abe, it was nothing rushed, nothing Romancelandia-like.

Nicely done. 4 ½ stars