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Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz

Trust No One - Jayne Ann Krentz

When she was sixteen Grace saved a little boy (and herself) by killing a murdered with a broken bottle of vodka. Now, a bottle of vodka of the same brand is found near the body of her boss that she oh-so-conveniently found dead in his bed...When the vodka makes its entrance again, it's obvious someone is stalking her, trying to make her look like a suspect. Only she suspects the stalking has less to do with her dead boss and his missing money than with what happened in the past.

Though maybe not as gripping, intense, and page-turning as River Road this book still packed quite a punch. And the sometimes almost-eery atmosphere of the little town around the lake helped with the punch-packing.

Unfortunately, it was a tad predictable, I couldn't help but anticipate the involvement of the two friends in the larger scheme of things, but other than that it was a solid, well-written and well-plotted suspense novel with a wonderful cast of characters. When you pick up a book by Ms. Krentz (in any of her "forms"), you know you won't end up being disappointed.

Although it would've made a nice little twist in the end if the hero ended up being the bad guy. It would've hammered the trust no one rule solidly home.