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Tease Me, Cowboy by Rachael Johns

Tease Me, Cowboy (Montana Born Rodeo Book 1) - Rachael Johns

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

I went with the middle ground (in terms of rating) with this one, because I'm firmly in the so-so range when it comes to this story.

I loved the small-town setting and atmosphere, because there's just something 'magical' about small towns. The connections between the population, the shared history and stories, where everybody knows everybody else's business, and where everybody knows your name. I enjoy books set in small town, and this one was no exception.

I loved the supporting cast (the three friends, the old mother figure, the store owner...) and I loved the hero, but I cannot say the same for the heroine. Sure, she provided moments of humor, but she was all over the place with her feelings and inner musings. First she wanted a one night stand, then she was insulted that the guy acted like a gentleman (sure, he had a petty-revenge agenda of his own, but he apologized), then she realized she was in over her head, because she didn't do one night stands, then she didn't know what she wanted...Argh, pick a lane and stay in it!
And don't get me started on the whole reversal back to high-school with the making-him-jealous ploy. Jesus, are we sure she was thirty? Do grown and supposedly mature women truly act like that?

All in all, forgetting the heroine's erratic behavior, it was a cute, quick story of high-school sweethearts finding each other again after many years, and realizing their feelings for each other were still alive and kicking. Ah, Romancelandia.