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River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz

River Road - Jayne Ann Krentz

Thirteen years ago Lucy Sheridan was dragged from a party by Mason "Nobody messes with Mason Fletcher" Fletcher, her aunt ushered her on an airplane home, and Lucy hasn't been in Summer River since. Now she's back as her aunt's heir, determined to find out what really happened to her aunt Sara. And the person who could help her find out the truth just might be Mason Fletcher. He's still overprotective, he's still taciturn...and he still makes her blood sing. But the latter isn't important. The discovery in her aunt's fireplace is, and the sudden odd behavior by some Summer River's residents.

I loved it. It had everything. Romance (which was rather realistic, if you ask be, albeit quick), drama (of the family kind), humor (especially the discussion of vegans and murder), and loads of suspense. I loved every single part of it, but I especially enjoyed the suspense. Because it was suspenseful, there's no way around it. I kept wondering and wondering who the bad guy was, even went so far as to think that the ghost might not be a ghost after all, the possibilities were endless, and so were red herrings.

I love a good mystery, I love good intrigue, I love it when the author keeps surprising me, keeps me guessing. And that's exactly what happened in this story. I didn't know the culprit until the end, and in the end it actually made sense as to why a person did what they did.
Everything else, although good, pretty much took a back seat to the suspense part. Which was more than fine by me. I was itching for another good suspense novel.

There were strong romantic elements involved, a great cast, a rather quirky heroine, a brooding, (over)protective hero, some drama, some creepiness (what was truly going down on that party thirteen years ago). All nicely wrapped up in a tightly-plotted suspense package. What's there not to like?