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The Rogue's Proposal by Jennifer Haymore

The Rogue's Proposal: Number 2 in series (House of Trent) - Jennifer Haymore

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

This one started iffy for me. I just didn't get the whole searching-for-kidnapped-mother thing. I guess it might've been elaborated in the first book in the series, but since I didn't read it, I cannot be sure. And since I haven't read the first book in the series, I had a feeling I'm in the dark somehow.
I know it's tough in series' to concisely summon up what had happened so far for those reader who haven't been with you from the beginning without sounding boring to those who have, but there was nothing. I was simply thrown into the story without much explanation.

Still, I might've stuck around if it wasn't for everything else. It was all tell and no show to me, I didn't like the voice, the story lagged, the characters were boring (yes, boring!), and after 80 pages I just didn't care what happened anymore.

I read the last chapter (and the epilogue), because sometimes those can convince me to continue reading, but it didn't help.

I simply didn't care.