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Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick

Otherwise Engaged - Amanda Quick

Well, this happened. Again.

As with the previous installment in this series, and the last addition to Ms. Quick's bibliography, The Mystery Woman, this one didn't impress me either.

Though there were some similar reasons for me remaining rather cool about this book, like not feeling the attraction or affection between the two leads (because I didn't feel it not even in the end, when they confessed their feeling to each other), there were some 'improvements' from the its predecessor in the heroine and hero department. Unlike many of Quick's heroines, Amity didn't grate on my nerves (at all), and Benedict, was (again) the usual hero fare when it comes to this author.

There was no paranormal aspect, which didn't bother me that much, although I adore those from Ms. Krentz and her two alter egos, and the suspense was great, with the utterly insane serial killer (!), and the spy subplot.

But somehow that didn't help. Maybe it was the fact the blurb promised something that wasn't actually in the book (like the two leads being experts at disappearing and the hero being an actual spy).
But it was probably the voice factor. In the beginning this didn't sound like an Amanda Quick book. It sounded more like a print-on-demand first novel by an unknown and an inexperienced author. Later the Quick-voice was somewhat back, but the damage has been done (and kept on being done in some scenes, like the one in the cottage—I've come to expect a certain degree of awesomness when it comes to Ms. Quick's writing of seduction scenes, and that awesomness was glaringly missing in that particular one *shudder*).

It wasn't bad, far from it, especially thanks to the suspense part, but it wasn't as great as I've come to expect from this author.