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No Hero by Mallory Kane

No Hero - Mallory Kane

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

She almost ruined his life by being a journalist with her the-public-has-the-right-to-know crap and poking her nose where it didn't belong, rousing up old pain and ghosts, and now she's back in his life with a story of how a man he put behind bars could possibly be the one behind the murders of the teenagers he's provided shelter for.

He knows he should tell her to take her story and stuff it up where the sun don't shine, but there's just something convincing about the whole spiel. Plus, there's the fact he still has the hots for her.

So the heroic detective decides to listen to the vulture journalist and let her help him in his investigation. But in pairing up with her he might've just signed her death certificate, because there's someone in New Orleans who doesn't want them working together.

I'm pretty sure the why of that last part was supposed to be a secret until the end, the surprise twist, if you will, but the reason became glaringly obvious after the message painted on Reghan's porch. Hello! Couldn't have been more transparent if it were trying to be. And the fact I realized who the killer was on page 99 (out of 246 showing on my eReader) didn't help matters much.

But I kept at it, because the story wasn't boring. The plot was good (albeit predictable), the characters solid (even the heroine didn't fall completely in the 'bitchslappable department'), the suspense nice and tight, and the flow of the story constant.

It was a good romantic suspense specimen with the requisite brooding, I-don't-deserve-happiness hero, a spunky heroine (that actually acted like someone untrained is supposed to in circumstances she was thrown in and didn't turn into a warrior princess like rom-suspense heroines often do), a psychotic killer, and the right kind of atmosphere. Unfortunately it was too predictable for my taste, hence the rating.