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Maggie's Man by Alicia Scott

Maggie's Man: A Family Secrets Novel - Lisa Gardner

The blurb sounds nice, doesn't it? That's why I bought the book. Unfortunately, the book didn't live up to the blurb, and it turns out the person who wrote the book should also have written the book.

There you have it.

I just couldn't bring myself to care about either of the characters or their plights. While the hero was tolerable, I guess, the heroine was a mess. I had to check the original copyright year for this one, because I just couldn't believe it. The heroine was an idiot. I'm a woman and we women should stick together, girl power and all, but I absolutely hated the chick. If I wrote this story, she would've died on page two. The hero should be put on the waiting list for sainthood for not shooting her. Oh, my God!

Thanks to all that, I just didn't care what happened. And for some reason, I just didn't care how the hero's side of the plot ended. I just kept turning the pages, thankful it was a short book.