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Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

Dark Wolf - Christine Feehan

He knew what she was to him the moment they met. Unfortunately she was too young to be claimed, but most importantly, she was too scarred and too scared. So they made a pact, Dimitri and Skyler, she would let him know when she was ready to be his lifemate in every sense of the word. Until then, he'd wait...

And wait he did, patiently. It's been torture, but he'd waited. For her. For them. Because he knew it would all be worth it one day...However, that day might never come.

He's been captured by the Lycans, sentenced to a slow and torturous death for his sin of being a mixed blood, a Sange Rau. Enveloped in silver, with deadly silver beads rushing toward his heart, he's unable to reach out for help...The only one who can reach him, find him, rescue him, is his lifemate. A human with unbelievable powers, enormous heart, and a will made of steel.

No matter what might happen, no matter her apprehension as to what the future might have in store, Skyler is determined to get Dimitri back. He's her lifemate and she'll die before she lost him.

I've been waiting for this book, the Skyler/Dimitri book, since they met. There was just something about them, the drama, angst, inner scars, Skyler's past, Dimitri's Carpathian nature that demanded he claim his lifemate...The potential was amazing and the possibilities endless.

So it is with a heavy heart that I say this book fell short for me. I envisioned more for this pair, I wanted a story and a book that was all their own. I most certainly didn't want them sharing their book with Dimitri's brother (there was too much Fen and Zev in this one, although I somewhat get the Zev part since he's the hero of the next story), a genocide-conspiracy, and the Lycan species. It was all too much and it took part of the joy of finally reading Dimitri and Skyler's story away.

But what there was, it broke my heart, made me cry, made me smile, and made me sigh. I loved them! I LOVED them! And it pissed me off I had so little time to enjoy them together. Sure, it was romantic, sad, heartbreaking, sweet, tender, and hot, but the conspiracy, the rabid fighting, the death threats, and other Carpathians (and Lycans) kept intruding.

It was a Dark Series book, so it had all the elements of such, a mix of romance, action, and drama, the pacing and writing was good as always, but for this one I expected more. I feel Dimitri and Skyler deserve more that what they were given.

Oh well, we can't have everything, right. And considering everything, I guess nothing would really satisfy me when it came to D/S story. Still, unlike other paranormal series that I've given up on, I'll continue reading this one. The storytelling and writing never lets me down (although sometimes I'm not particularly pleased with a specific story). So I'm looking forward to reading Zev's book. The sneak peek was more than intriguing.